Most of the current commercial workflow-oriented solutions for Geo-model building consist in sets of monolithic applications. As they are, they cannot interact with external products like proprietary applications or innovative applications proposed by SME’s or research institutes. A solution for overcoming this difficulty is to consider that workflows should no longer be monolithic but should consist in a set of interoperable atomic activities (micro-services). The modelers should instead be offered the possibility accessing to a Cloud Workflow Platform, on which they could freely identify, select and assemble Cloud nested applications in order to fit the various geo-modeling tasks that intend to perform.

The WASAGO Project

Geosiris intends to favor a progressive transformation of the present-day existing global geo-modeling architectures into workflows of atomic activities. For this reason, we have initiated the WASAGO project for providing a B2B (Business To Business) technical solution able to concretize the idea of a Cloud-native Workflow platform in the case of Structural & Stratigraphic Modeling.

The Cloud Workflow Platform will offer to the end users the possibility of organizing themselves their business activities:

  • by reusing existing workflows provided by Geosiris or other partners, which will be executed in the WASAGO environment (“Menu solution”)
  • or by building workflows constituted by services of their own thanks to a specific UI based on Camunda Cloud enriched with a dedicated catalog of services (“A la carte solution”).

The WASAGO project addresses in priority Operator’s corporate research departments, small ISVs (Independent software Vendors), and universities. We offer to these partners the possibility of co-developing the Cloud Workflow Platform solution that Geosiris is presently developing and to use it for distributing their innovative geo-modeling applications in a seamless environment.

Architecture of the GEOSIRIS solution

The architecture will be constituted of five bricks:

  1. A geoscience workflow platform
    • It will address all the Geoscience fields of interest for geo-modeling
    • The workflow will consist in an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activities.
    • The platform will be an “application platform as a service” (aPaaS) that allows customers to provision, instantiate, run, and manage a modular bundle of applications.
  2. A catalog of “competitive” geomodeling services and the methodology to enrich it.
    • Each modeling service will be described as a Energistics/OSDU Activity Template formulated in the RESQML standard by specifying its semantics, its inputs and outputs and the service parameters definition.
    • For each of these templates an IT Task (Activity Model) will be instantiated in a Docker Serverless Event Based computation function.
    • For each of these templates a specific UI will be proposed to compose the Activity Template and the Activity Model attributes (input entities / parameters).
    • Each of these Activity models will be launched by a dedicated event.
    • And the BPMN standard will be used to associate all these tasks and events in a definite workflow.
  3. The GABBRO Datastore for RESQML Geoscience Entities and Activity Graphs,
  4. A 3D viewer WEB client allowing an interactive composition of the Activity Model Inputs and a Quality Control of the workflow results.
  5. An interactive workflow composer using Camunda Clouds for registering all the geomodeling services as Event Tasks in order to compose new workflow solutions.

These bricks will allow users to populate, model, automate and launch the business processes from the 3D Viewer WEB client thanks to the BPMN 2.0 standard.