GEOSIRIS is a small innovative company founded in 2012 by French researchers from IFP Energies Nouvelles and Ecole des MINES de Paris.

We take advantage of advanced research results in Geology, Information Technology (Web Architectures, Cloud, AI, Knowledge Management), Geometry and Topology for proposing innovative solutions for 3D earth modeling.

Our major objective is facilitating a Shared Earth  Modeling  approach [*] for the geoscientists and engineers, who participate in the model process. For this, we intend to progressively replace monolithic proprietary workflows by a combination of Cloud available micro services that will be orchestrated/choreographed by a Cloud-native workflow platform

For achieving this over all goal, GEOSIRIS provides:

  • Data Handling tools, API’s and development services, which facilitate the use of the Energistics, OSDU Forum and BPMN data exchange standards that are consensually accepted by the geomodelers’community
  • GeoModeling Business Activities providing innovative solutions with a special focus towards geoscientists, operators, academic research teams and small software vendors. We provide activities based on explicit or implicit 2D and 3D object representations and on 2D and 3D mesh organizations, which all tolerate the transformations induced by geological evolution  through time.

[*] Michel Perrin and Jean-François Rainaud (2013): Shared Earth Modeling: Knowledge Driven Solutions for Building and Managing Subsurface 3D Geological Models. Technip, 2013, ISBN: 9782710810025.