Our historical domain concerns the production of Earth Model interpretations and Earth Model part representations. The user can choose geological hypothesis, ad ’hoc parameters and apply Mathematical Processes called business “Activities” on interpreted measurements.

Our Business domain covers :

  • Sub-surface exploration,
  • Geotechnic application for roads, railways, tunnels, channels infrastructures
  • Carbone capture in geological formation,
  • Simulation of fluid flow into rock volumes.
  • Geological Risk assessment,
  • Quantification of Environmental diseases
  • Characterization of Geothermal fields

Our Business activities (micro services tasks) take as Input RESQML Entities (Horizon ,Faults , Geobody Boundaries, Well Bore markers and Interval properties) and produce

  • Surface Structural and Stratigraphic Frameworks
  • 3D Volume meshes Filled with properties.

We are covering operations applied to RESQML Data Model Entities.

Schematic presentation of RESQML based GEOSIRIS’s Business domain Entities