For describing the geology of a basin, a prospect or a reservoir, Oil Operator companies, geomodelling Software vendors and research groups have to consider the geological objects (stratigraphic units, horizons, faults, full earth models)  that constitute these entities, their properties and their spatial and temporal relationships. In order to be shared, this specialized knowledge must be standardized.

This is the reason why these companies and academics started to associate their actions from early 1990’s in consortium like POSC (Petroleum Open Software Corporation) which is now Energistics and the OpenGroup OSDU Forum..

We can note that the Energistics consortium, produced the exchange standards RESQML (for reservoir data), WITSML (for wellbore data) and PRODML (for production data) and the OSDU Forum consortium was created in 2018 for complementing these standards with contextual meta-data and extending these fields addressed by Energistics.

During the last ten years, Geosiris has actively participated to the building and improvement of the RESQML standard, which is focused on reservoir characterization and earth model building. The standardization of the geological data proposed in the edition RESQML 2.2 planned to be released in spring 2022, is built from most of the Geosiris proposals.

In this context, Geosiris develop Software applications to facilitate the usage of these standards: