To store the Geomodelling information in the Cloud and organize its quick retrieval and delivery to Applications, GEOSIRIS have developed GABBRO to gather and manage all RESQML Entities (meta data and numerical data), Activities and Management structure.

This “Earth Model Parts” server is using the Energistics Transfer Protocol (see Below), to communicate with external applications or services.

Example of information gathered into GABBRO.

Energistics Transfer Protocol

Geosiris have implemented a python and a java API for Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP V1.2 ). This Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) is a data transfer specification that enables the efficient transfer of data between two software applications (endpoints), which includes real-time streaming. ETP has been specifically envisioned and designed to meet the unique needs of the upstream oil and gas industry and, more specifically, to facilitate the exchange of data in the Energistics family of data standards, which includes: WITSML (well/drilling), RESQML (earth/reservoir modeling), PRODML (production), and EML (the data objects defined in Energistics common, which is shared by the other three domain standards).

ETP design principles:

Geosiris is developing protocols mainly to handle RESQML Entities and related WITSML/PRODML entities like Witsml Trajectory and PVT Tables.

Protocol Name and NumberDescription
Core (Protocol 0)Creates, manages and optionally authorizes ETP sessions.
Discovery (Protocol 3) Enables store customers to enumerate and understand the contents of a store of data objects as a graph.
Store (Protocol 4)Performs CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete) on data objects in a store.
Error: Reference source not foundAllows store customers to receive notification of changes to data objects in the store in an event-driven manner, resulting from events/operations in Protocol 4.
Data Array (Protocol 9)Transfers large, binary arrays of data, which Energistics domain standards typically store using HDF5 or HSDS.
Transaction (Protocol 18)Provides high level support for transactions on operations in other protocols, especially Protocols 4 and 9 (typically associated with earth modeling/RESQML).
Dataspace (Protocol 24)Used to discover dataspaces in a store. After discovering dataspaces, use Discovery (Protocol 3) to discover objects in the dataspace.

These protocols are used by GEOSIRIS to exchange between GABBRO and the RESQML Web Studio.