Taking advantage of the experience of its creators, GEOSIRIS has, from the beginning, taken the option of creating and favoring the use of software tools, which allow a control of the geo-modeling process by those who operate it. This necessitates sharing the data and interpretations on which the geo-model is built and, hence sharing a common vision of geological knowledge it. This Shared Earth  Modeling vision has had a growing importance among the geo-modelers’ community in the last ten years. It has led them to agree on data exchange standards, which are now becoming a reference for the providers and users of geo-modeling software.   

In this context, GEOSIRIS develops three kinds of solutions:

  • Applications easing the use of Energistics/RESQML, OSDU Forum (Open Group) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards for managing and transferring formalized data to existing and future business software.
  • Geomodeling services for promoting innovative solutions for building and assembling geological objects.  The algorithms used by these prototypes will constitute the heart of business offered on the Cloud.
  • A Cloud-native workflow platform for orchestrating on the Clouds, business activity workflows executed by geomodeling micro-services.