From the beginning GEOSIRIS was working with many industrial partners in the field of Petroleum Geosciences like Total Energies , Schlumberger, Paradigm (now Emerson), INT/X, IFP Energies Nouvelles, Kappa Engineering, Endeeper, F2-I Consulting, Energistics consortium, Osdu Forum consortium

Recently in the field of Geotechnical Infrastructure, GEOSIRIS is working with companies like the EGIS group, Autodesk and a specialized Drilling Company “Jean-Lutz”.

In parallel GEOSIRIS’s board members are maintaining relationships with a number of small Software vendors and as some GEOSIRIS solutions are now operative we will start to develop more and more cooperative and consulting operations with all these partners.

GEOSIRIS is always interested to enlarge its network of partners whatever the type of partnership