Our team has a strong experience in Geophysics, WellBore measurement Interpretation, Structural Geology, Static stratigraphic and petrophysics model building, reservoir grid building and 3D backward Paleo modeling.

We have added during the last years more and more experience in IT programming including Mathematics, Topology and Geometry, Web Architecture, Cloud solutions implementation and knowledge modeling and management.

This wide experience can be applied in many scientific fields related to earth modeling, for example in :.

  • Solid modeling (object geometry and topological relationships) applied to geological objects (stratigraphic units, horizons, faults), 2D and 3D meshing
  • Geological knowledge formalization applied to geological objects and earth modeling activities.
  • Software development in many languages, Web architectures, Cloud solutions

GEOSIRIS can offer services and training in the Geoscience field (from seismic interpretation to simulation input) based on standards and new IT technologies. Our core consulting business is assisting and supporting major O&G companies to explore and develop new fields by means of data reworking (seismic and well log interpretation, regional and structural syntheses, geological & reservoir model enhancement…).

This internal competence is enforced by our deep collaboration with several universities in France : Aix Marseille, Poitiers, Strasbourg and also in Brazil : Federal University of Rio Grande del Sul. 

We have been strongly involved since the beginning in the development of the geosciences Data Model standards with POSC/Energistics and with the OSDU Forum. We have a proven and solid base to settle a comprehensive System based on these standards, plus the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).