Jean-François Rainaud

Chief Executive Officer

After a Ph.D. in Geophysics in 1979, Jean-François Rainaud was working 19 years at Beicip Franlab and develop PC Based Magnetotelluric interpretation tools and set up the IT geomatic mapping system operated by my company. He also operate on the fields and at the office as a consultant in foreign operations during 10 years. From the beginning of the 90’s he was developing several software products for BEICIP an IFP group : HERESIM 3D, RML ( Reservoir Modeling Chain) and was involved with POSC from 1994 & Open Spirit from 1997. Moving to the IFP Institute in 2000’s he participates to the EPISEM project and was leader of the European EPISEM Action project (with Shell, POSC, and Other), which project looks to be something similar on the objectives than OSDU. Then he was working With IFP EN up to Oct 2018 on many Geomodeling research projects (for the Open Flow Software product Line), was writing a book on this subject and contributes to the RESCUE and RESQML Energistics development. From 2012 he started a company aside : Geosiris. This company provides RESQML validation and certification tools to the Energistics consortium and is now creating a geomodelling “Cloud & on Premise” platform to set it on top of OSDU. He is also teaching the use of standards (mainly Energistics up to now) into the PDM (Petroleum Data Management) Master course at IFP School.

Michel Perrin

Scientific Advisor

He is a Professor from Ecole des Mines de Paris, retired in 2009. who has an extensive experience in various fields of geology. He dedicated the last twenty last years of professional activity on the subject of geomodeling. He has been intensely collaborating on this subject with BRGM, IFP and with various research groups specialized in computer science in France and abroad. His main concern has been developing practical solutions for putting geological knowledge at the center of the geomodeling process. For this purpose, Michel Perrin is now intensely collaborating with Prof. Mara Abel and her team at UFRGS (Brazil) for proposing well founded ontological solutions for the representation of geological conceptual models.

Lionel Untereiner

Chief Technology Officer

Lionel Untereiner holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Strasbourg. His research focused on the representation of multi-resolution meshes in any dimension with a strong emphasis on formal models for geometric modeling. During his years at Inria, he worked on hexahedral meshing algorithms and on patient-specific modeling for per-operative guidance based on formal models. At Geosiris, he was working with Total on a “on premise” geomodeling research project involving RESQML entities. He is working this year to ensure the transformation of these “on premise” geomodeling solutions into orchestrated cloud services.

Valentin Gauthier

IT architect, Research Engineer

Valentin Gauthier holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Poitiers. His research focused on topological rule based modeler generation in any dimension, with Jerboa (developed at XLim, a Poitiers institute). He also created a domain specific language for Jerboa that ease topological modeling operations creation, and generates code in different languages (Java, C++, etc.). He worked on geological reconstruction using Resqml standard and a topological rule based approach. At Geosiris, he is working on the Resqml WebStudio development and on cloud solutions for geomodeling. He also works, in collaboration with EGIS, a geotechnical operator on RESQML geomodeling solutions powered with Civil3D (Autodesk).

Marie-Laure Rainaud


She is in charge of administration, human resources services, accounting and external relationships of Geosiris. She hold a BTS of “secretariat de direction” and can communicate in French, English and Italian languages.